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All Guilds Meeting - May 2014

afbeelding van Doobes

2014 continues to roll right along into May, and things are as active as ever in the cavern.  This month's All Guilds Meeting had quite a few bits of interesting news.  And it wouldn't be a normal AGM news post without a couple of chatlogs, raw and cleansed!

Here's what happened this month:

MystiTech Productions

Vector Cramp returned this month to update everyone about The Lost Art, the group's upcoming machinima project.  They have partnered with the creators of DIRT shard to film their episodes.  As part of their partnership, the MystiTech team will help DIRT along by playing a few NPCs when the shard is officially released.  Anyone interested in contributing to the project is asked to contact MystiTech.

Guild of Writers

Hoikas came up next to announce that the next version of Gehn shard will hopefully be released during the first half of June.  While quiet on most of the shiny new features of this update, he did mention that the new Guild of Messengers Pub will be added to the shard with Gehn.20.  Windows XP support, which Microsoft ended last month, will also be dropped for the shard at that time as well.

Guild of Sleepers

Alien was next for GoSleep, which is celebrating its third anniversary!  There will be a party on Friday, May 9th at 11:00 KI time to celebrate.  The next day, Saturday, May 10th, there will be another gathering in Ae'gura (courtyard) to watch the Eurovision Song Contest live in Copenhagen (see link for times).

KathAveara/Guild of Linguists

Kath came up to update the crowd on her various URU-related projects as well as GoL business.  Her reimagined version of the Book of Atrus has posted its second and third chapters for all to read and enjoy.  She also mentioned her DeviantArt page as well.

The GoL has contacted Cyan's Richard "RAWA" Watson about "open sourcing" the D'ni language in order to expand upon it, to which RAWA has agreed enthusiastically.  As such, the Guild has started the D'ni Language Reconstruction Project for exactly that.  Explorers can create new words in the forum, with corresponding translations to be added to the D'ni lexicon.  RAWA would get final approval of each potential new word when he can find time.  Rude words are discouraged, but some slang will be considered on a case basis.

Guild of Messengers

Doobes and Korov'ev came up for the GoMe.  Doobes expanded a bit more on the new aforementioned Guild Pub, once again thanking those who were working to get it working on Gehn Shard (and hopefully on other shards).  He then released a new teaser trailer for the Pub on the Guild's Youtube channel.  They hope to get the Age files working on as many shards as possible, including Minkata and, eventually, MOULa itself.

International Hood

I.H.P.X/Kaaja finished out the meeting with a big thank you to those that made their recent open house a rousing success.  For those that missed any of it, there have been chatlogs posted of the entire event (Part 1 and Part 2).


The CAVCON for March finished out at 2.8, with April looking about the same.  Keep the donations coming!

See you all in June!

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